Membership Renewal 2020

Dear Members
The calendar has rolled around to the start of another season and subscription renewals become due on April 1st.

Understandably, the current circumstances are such that playing tennis is not at the forefront of people’s priorities right now.
However, members will be aware that on their behalf, the Club has committed to a significant capital program to resurface the courts and upgrade our facilities.

As outlined in previous updates, this outlay is a considerable but affordable stretch of the club’s finances, at current membership levels. As you will know our plan is to use our improved facilities to attract new members and boost our income. Now it is expected that this plan will have to be deferred by some months.

Therefore, we urge you to support this effort and to re-join from April 1st. We will keep you updated regarding progress with the resurfacing, also with the LTA recommendations for members well-being.  Please see Membership page for full details.

We look forward to seeing you all on our new courts sometime soon. Your ongoing support is crucial and much appreciated.